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Panhandle POSDinerware System

Dinerware provides restaurant point of sale software solutions to the hospitality industry. They can be found in upscale restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, counter service establishments, hotels, casinos, cafeterias, golf courses, wineries and more.

System Features

Panhandle POS

Ease of Use’s quick-start guides and short videos make the software easy to learn and use.

Panhandle POS


Easily add or hide menu items, make price adjustments and more in a few fast touches.

Panhandle POS


Use any station to access over 80 real-time reports regarding all areas of your business operations.

Panhandle POS


Dinerware restaurant POS software was created to help bars and restaurants run smoothly – from the restaurateur’s point of view. Their vision is to make hospitality POS radically easier to use and more reliable, while constantly innovating and supporting an open platform for integration.

Dinerware’s user interface lets you spend less time in front of a computer screen and more time with your guests, and their solid platform ensures high reliability you can count on. Whatever the type of establishment, Dinerware helps staff and managers complete tasks efficiently in the way that works best for them—and their business.


Dinerware's bar-specific features ensure that transactions move fast to keep your guests happy:


Dinerware frees you up to accommodate each guest with the attention your VIPs deserve:


Dinerware offers features designed for counter service businesses like yours to keep lines moving fast and your customers satisfied: